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  • GM outfitted the Jose Gaspar for th 2017 College Football Champ
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A nother key advantage is our ability to perform on-site gas freeing, butterworthing, marine lead paint and asbestos abatement.  These services are complimented by our on-site P-Treatment Waste Water Facility specializing in oil water treatment.  For additional information about these services, please visit Universal Environmental Services, LLC.

W e are equipped to meet all your commercial needs from beginning to end. Starting with gas freeing and tank cleaning, we are one of the few shipyards nationwide that can handle this seamlessly at our docks, saving you time and money. Our yard works seven days a week around the clock if necessary to take care of our customer’s needs.


  • Steel renewal & fabrication
  • 4800-sq. ft. machine shop
  • Sandblasting, UHP & painting
  • Shipyard crane service
  • Pipe repair
  • Marine electricians
  • Complete aluminum & steel welding capabilities
  • Diesel repair
  • Tank cleaning & gas freeing
  • Various non-destruction testing (NDT) methods
  • Insulation and joiner

Design and Construction

All types of projects from seawalls to the most complex marine structures are easily accomplished by our engineers and specialists. Our professionals are also specialists in aquatic habitats and ecology and constantly monitor the environmental aspects of a project.

Dry Docks

The Pride

  • Maximum Length: 230’
  • Maximum Breadth: 60′
  • Maximum Draft: 21’
  • Maximum Disp.: 1,500 L.T.

The F.M. Hendry

  • Maximum Length: 260’
  • Maximum Breadth: 54’
  • Maximum Draft: 18’
  • Maximum Disp.: 2,500 L.T.

The A.W. Hendry

  • Maximum Length: 320′
  • Maximum Breadth: 69′
  • Maximum Draft: 24′
  • Maximum Disp.: 4,500 L.T.

The Scotia (our largest dry dock)

  • Maximum Length: 600’
  • Maximum Breadth: 102’
  • Maximum Draft: 18’
  • Maximum Disp.: 10,000 L.T.