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Full-Service Marine Repair Shipyard

Our services include four dry docks, four tugboats, five track cranes, fully equipped machine shops, a pipe shop, prefabrication, and fabrication facilities, an electrical shop, and blasting/painting facilities.

Our employees come together as a team to provide the highest quality workmanship through honesty, integrity, and dedicated hard work, resulting in total customer satisfaction.

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Machine Shop

  • Lathe: 60” swing-40’ between centers
  • Lathe: 40” swing-67’ between centers
  • Lathe: 30” swing-30’ between centers
  • Two 5-ton overhead cranes
  • ABS Certified tail shaft clad welding
  • 4” horizontal boring mill
  • Bridgeport mills
  • #4 vertical mill with 15” x 76” table

Pipe Shop

  • Two 5-ton overhead cranes
  • Pipe benders
  • Cutting saws

Fabrication Shop

  • Two 5-ton overhead cranes
  • 500-ton capacity plate bending machine
  • 12’ bed press brake
  • 750-ton shear
  • Horizontal band saws
  • Drill press
  • 120-ton ironworker
  • 55-ton iron worker
  • Complete onsite and mobile-certified welding equipment

Pre-Fabrication Building

  • 13,500 sq. ft. facility
  • 10×40 CNC plasma table with 1.5 metal thickness capability
  • Two 20-ton overhead cranes
  • Sub-Arc, automated angle welders

Electrical Shop

  • (32) 480-volt shore power hookup points throughout the yard
  • Step down transformers to drop power to 208 or 240 volt 3 phase

EPA-Compliant Paint Shop

  • 4,000 sq. ft. paint booth
  • 3,500 sq. ft. blasting booth

Crane Services

  • Floating Barge Crane – 100-ton max
  • Grove All Terrain Crane – 100-ton max
  • Manitowac Crawler Crane – 175-ton max
  • American Crawler Crane – 210-ton max
  • Kobelco Crawler Crane – 160-ton max
  • Kobelco Crawler Crane – 200-ton max
  • Kobelco Crawler Crane – 250-ton max
  • Assorted Mobile Cranes – 20-30 ton max

Looking For An Exciting Career? We’re Hiring!

At Gulf Marine Repair 70% of our workforce are skilled welders and ironworkers, comprised of pipe welders, pipefitters, ship welders, ship fitters, and fabricators; 30% of our workforce are skilled trades such as marine electricians, crane operators, and specialized machinists. Our welders are certified in shield metal arc welding, flux core arc welding, carbon steel pipe welding 6GR, and stainless-steel pipe welding 6GR.


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