Marine Repair Services In Tampa, FL

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Vessel Services

Starting with gas freeing and tank cleaning, we are one of the few shipyards nationwide that can handle this seamlessly at our docks, saving you time and money.


Dry Docks & Berths

Important Information about our Port Tampa Bay berths and dry docks.


Support Services

We are a full-service shipyard that can provide virtually any type of repair and fabricate any marine-related part or structure, large or small.


Why is Our Service so Trustworthy?

Gulf Marine has over 90 years in the maritime industry. 70% of our workforce is skilled welders and ironworkers, comprised of pipe welders, pipefitters, ship welders, ship fitters, and fabricators; 30% of our workforce are skilled trades such as marine electricians, crane operators, and specialized machinists. Our welders are certified in shield metal arc welding, flux core arc welding, carbon steel pipe welding 6GR, and stainless-steel pipe welding 6GR.

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